At  Versa Platinum , we know time is of the essence when it comes to mortgage funding. We have put together a team of people who will ensure that all borrowers needs are addressed as priority. They will work together to ensure that all borrowers receive proper information and quick responses. Some deals we are able to fund even same day. At many occasions buyers, owners, investors and developers in British Columbia face competition for property. So timely financing is the key to get things done.
That’s why we created an efficient and no-nonsense approval process, along with fast financing for approved loans. We strongly believe ‘Your success is our Success’. We are always looking for quality deals and we offer fast, flexible financing at competitive rates and believe in building long-term relationships with purchasers, owners, developers, mortgage brokers and investment advisors. We are proud to have a reputation of quick and ethical lender.

If conventional lending isn’t working for you – we will.
Simply call VERSA PLATINUM at 604-902-5740