Benefits of MIC Investments

What Protects Your Investment With Us?

  • SecurityAll Loans secured against Real Estate. Every Investment is Registered by an experienced lawyer against the property.
  • Higher ReturnsA MIC offers better returns than traditional investments like savings account.
  • No Extra CostsThe MIC pays a fixed administration fee of 1.5% upto 5 Million and 1% for all investments over 5 Million. The borrower covers all closing costs such as lawyer fee, broker fee etc so MIC does not incur any extra costs for funding a mortgage.
  • DiversificationYour invested capital is mortgaged against number of different properties which helps improve the return on Investment and decreases the risk of the investment.
  • Tax AdvantagesOne of the biggest advantages of investing in a MIC is that you can invest majority of registered plan funds such as RRSP’s, TFSA etc. MIC's don't pay any corporate tax as they are a flow through Investment.
  • Investors become ShareholdersInvestors buy shares of the company so it allows them to be shareholders. Each investor is provided audited financial reports prepared by one of the biggest Accounting firms in Canada.
  • AccountabilityNo salary or commission is paid out to any of the directors from the MIC. Audited financials from a reputed firm are available to Investors.
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