Why Invest In An MIC Than A Private Mortgage?

Benefits of a MIC

Are you looking to become a potential investor by investing your wealth in real estate? If yes, there are a lot of options that can help you make thousands of dollars with high return rates. The most common reason people invest in real estate is to enjoy better opportunities for growing wealth. 

For the last many years, real estate has opened the doors for making easy money through dividends and returns. Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) are one such real estate investment schemes that not only help generate wealth but also make the investors a property shareholder. Also, an investor need not deal with the borrower or tenants for payback and receive quarterly dividends.

There are a lot more benefits of MIC investment compared to private mortgages that we’ll discuss in this blog:

1. Minimum Investment Risk

Other than just making money, MICs can help mitigate the risks associated with private mortgages. Private mortgages are riskier compared to public ones as all your investment is poured into one mortgage. 

The risk is greatly reduced with a MIC as your investment money is combined and spread over multiple projects or mortgage borrowers. This leads to diversification of your investment and minimizes the risk involved.

2. Managed By Experts

A mortgage investment pool is simply a corporation managed by skilled experts with the right knowledge of the mortgage industry. Not only this, they provide the right guidance to investors to help them make the best investment choice that brings in more returns. 

MIC experts can also help you diversify your investment by lowering the risks involved and providing access to better investment opportunities. Also, proper quarterly reports are provided in MIC that depict the pace at which your investment grows.

3. Increased Liquidity

No matter, if you are investing in an investment property or a private mortgage, there is less liquidity for the money you put in. In case you need your investment back, you’ll either have to wait for the borrower to pay it back or need to sell the property. But the in case of MICs, a shareholder agreement exists that ensures quicker access to your investment funds, whenever needed. 

4. Greater Simplicity

Compared to becoming a shareholder in a property, purchasing it completely can expose you to several unforeseen costs, including renovation or repair expenses. If you invest in a property via a MIC, you can save money as the borrower or the property owner will be responsible for managing the recurring costs.


Investing in an MIC is a far better option than putting your money in a private mortgage as the former comes with fewer worries and more profits. 

Versa Platinum is a trusted mortgage investment corporation in British Columbia, having a team of qualified investment advisors who can help you choose the best investment strategy to invest in our mortgage pool. If you are looking to grow your wealth with property investment, we are the ones you can rely on. Feel free to contact us to discuss your MIC investment needs.

Benefits of MIC Investment

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